Sleeping Like a Baby, Well Maybe!

As you can see from the majority of the pictures, William does spend a considerable amount of time sleeping. Luckily he has started to sleep well at night. With a little over three weeks in the outside world he is growing fast and Dave and I are starting to figure out a few of the tricks needed to survive parenthood. We had a nice visit from Uncle Kenan though he arrived in the middle of a snow storm which was the last thing he wanted after surviving a Maine winter. Quick stats update from 2 week apt which is now out of date. William was 7 lbs 5 oz, 21 inches long, and a head is 14 inches. Which puts him in the mid range for height but only 12% for weight. Don’t worry though, he has been making up for lost time by eating voraciously. Grandma Butler went back to WA to check on Grandpa Butler and left David and I to survive on our own and we’ve started to adjust to the “new” normal of Dave off to work and I hang out with William. At times this last week it seems like we have two babies since the spring storms have turned Maddy into a very needy, panting puppy.

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