Mt. Yale and CO 54

On August 02, I headed up Mt. Yale with Quentin. He had been planning the hike for some time through a fundraiser called the Colorado 54, run by the non-profit organization Second Mile Water and asked me to come along.

The goal of the campaign was to collectively climb all of the Colorado 14ers in 24 hours through many different hikers and climbers who had raised money to provide clean water in Nicaragua.  Quentin’s efforts raised near $600.

We arrived at the trailhead the night before and scouted for a place to crash.  It just happened that there was a crazy party going on up the road, fireworks and all!, so we retreated to a lower trailhead for some much needed and quiet R&R.

We got off to a super early start (maybe around 4a), and I was quickly reminded of the brutality of gaining tree-line in the Collegiate Peaks.  We made good pace and popped out just in time to see the alpen glow all around on the neighboring peaks.

Maddy also made the climb and was full of energy.  At the top she was happy to find different lookouts, sniff the wind, and keep watch over the summit.  She sure is in her element on these peaks.

The last time we were on this summit, it was in the winter with quite different views with all the snow.

We enjoyed a fresh cup of coffee too, courtesy of Quentin and his JetBoil!, a first for me.  This was also my first 14er after finishing the 14ers last year, so I guess now I can be soft in my old age and drink coffee on the summits!  It is hard to believe all the big life changes after last year 14ers pretty much consumed all of my free time.

After knocking out the 5 mile trek out, we relaxed by the Jeep and then revitalized with Blue-Bell ice-cream in Buena Vista.   Its sounds like overall the campaign was a big success and plans are already in the works for next year.